About Us

Dongguan Dongwangda Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that has many years of industry experience and specializes in the production of bulk orders for integrated R & D, design, precision CN processing, and precision sheet metal processing. The company's professionals have accumulated rich Design and production experience and excellent production technology; We provide professional services and technical support for customers in multiple industries, specializing in automotive accessories, digital appliances, computer peripherals, military protective products, medical equipment, kitchen supplies, toys, hardware accessories Appearance model making, design and fixture processing, etc. and mass production.


Dongguan Dongwangda Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is located in a famous city in China. The main products are: zinc alloy hand model, hand model, hand model processing, hand factory, aluminum alloy processing, precision and complex aluminum alloy, batch product processing, complex precision parts Processing plants, simple mold making plants, etc. The company is equipped with advanced large-scale precision CNC machining centers, lathes, milling machines, grinders, spark machines, vacuum molders and other peripheral equipment, with reliable quality, ideal structure, and fast prototype models. It provides favorable conditions for customers to launch their own products and seize business opportunities. Our management team is young, energetic, and pioneering. We have a group of experienced, conscientious and meticulous workers, and our work environment is clean and tidy. All of these provide a perfect guarantee for the manufacture of sophisticated prototype models.

Business orientation:

Shouban model-hardware, plastic, electronics and other product design and research and development, Shouban model making, mold design and manufacturing, product mass production, parts processing, automation equipment development. Dongguan Dongwangda Precision Technology Co., Ltd. makes full use of the world's advanced CAD / CAM / CAE software: PRO / E, UG, SOLIDWORKS, MASTERCAM, AUTOCAD, and adopts from design, reverse engineering, structural design, prototype production, mold production to batch The production of one-stop service greatly shortens the product development cycle, saves development costs, and improves the market competitiveness of products.

Service area:

1. Hardware sample production: (Material: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, red copper, brass, magnesium alloy, tantalum, nickel alloy stamping, bending, etc.);

2. CNC precision hand board production (materials ABS, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PA, PPS, PE, Bakelite, etc.)

3. Vacuum compounding (small batch) (Material: ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, PVC, rubber, high temperature resistant materials, etc.);

4. Laser rapid prototyping model, SLA, SLS;

5. Simple mold: mainly used for mass production, short mold opening cycle, cheap product quality and material performance consistent with formal mold;

6. Surface treatments such as oil spraying, baking lacquering, dusting, silk screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, laser carving, wire drawing, etc.

Production range:

1. Industrial product design, 3D structure design;

2. Vehicles, motorcycles, toy cars, and other means of transportation and various large and small parts;

3. Communication products such as telephones, fax machines, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and intercom doorbells;

4. TVs, monitors, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, and other household appliances;

5. Toy dolls, simulation figures, special fixtures for electronic appliances factory, action functions;

6. Production of various aluminum alloy metal prototype models, bulk aluminum alloy and plastic injection products;

7. Various machine parts, B-machines, electronic instruments, and medical equipment;

8. Mechanical action tooth box, SLA rapid prototyping;

9. Vacuum multi-mold production, oil injection, screen printing, wire drawing, etc.